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    1. Are you kidding? I thought you knew about it the whole time. You’re in half of the pictures!! I was thinking about you this last week and wondering how you were. I will email. We miss you too!!!


  1. Hi Lorl, this Thane Eddington, son of Ron and Beth Eddington and brother to Rény E. Manwaring. Can’t put into words how excited I am to have found your blog. There is much I have wanted to share with you since returning from my mission. I have cherished the journal you made of my mother. If agreeable, I would love to share more. And thank you for the gift you gave me and my sister. Truly – Thane


    1. Thane your message brings me to tears! I just finished responding to Reny’s message (sorry I don’t know how to make the accent over her e yet, but I will figure it out). I am so happy to reconnect! I have thought about you two many times over the years, and have wondered how you were. I would love to hear about your mission. You know that meeting you in the Salt Lake temple when you received your endowment was a miracle, don’t you! I an so happy you have enjoyed the journal. I know that is something she wanted me to do for you. I just finished telling Reny that I am going to Texas to help our daughter tomorrow, but will be back next week. I would absolutely love to talk more with you. My email is whiteheadlorl@gmail.com, and my cell is 307-214-4039. I don’t know when you posted your message on our blog, but I sure am happy to see it now, and I hope to get in touch when I get back. Love to you and your sister!!


  2. Hello L’Or L,
    This is Rény, Beth’s daughter, and I just googled your name after reading the special book you created for Thane and I and found your blog. I’d love to chat more with you! Hope you might still receive this message!


    1. Oh Reny! I have wished I could find you and Thane for years! I received a wedding announcement from one of you (or both), but then realized I saved the announcements but not the envelopes with the addresses, so I couldn’t send anything! I didn’t have way to find you online then. Thank you so much for getting in touch! I have thought of you so often. We live in Cheyenne WY now. Tomorrow morning we will serve in the Fort Collins temple, where Craig is a sealer, and when our shift is over I will fly to Texas to help our oldest daughter with her six kids while her husband is away. I will be be back Nov 2, will be at the temple again Fri, but free from Saturday on, and would absolutely love to chat! Where do you live? I have tons of questions! My email is whiteheadlorl@gmail.com, and my phone is 307-214-4039 Thank you so much for finding me! I look forward to talking as soon as I get back (things are a little crazy with those six kids, or I would try to call while I was in Texas!) Thanks again!


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