November 14 – 20

What a super week!  Complete with a super moon, no less (wasn’t that fun to see?).  We stood outside to oooh and ahhh with the Edmunds, and I thought of you all being under the same moon:)

Exams are over, school is out, and everyone is ready to have fun!IMG_3282.jpgIMG_3252.jpg

These wonderful women were our bakers this week…IMG_3255.jpg

…along with these talented tasters (you have to check for quality, right?).IMG_3256.jpg

We enjoyed another serenade, this time by Bro Nawatu, our favorite custodian and friend –IMG_3248.jpg

and learned something new from Shivani.  She shares the gospel online with about 1,000 contacts!  It was fun to see how she does it.IMG_3286.jpg

IMG_3274.jpgWe celebrated Sumeet’s 20th birthday, and loved hearing Loraini give him the scoop on all he will encounter on his mission to England.


But the real event that made this week truly superior was being Lydia’s escort as she received her endowment in the temple.  That was a special and sacred experience.IMG_3263.jpgIMG_3266.jpg

Jeanette also received her temple endowment that evening, and plenty of friends and family were there to congratulate the two girls.  They even served pizza in the parking lot to celebrate, and to say goodbye once more to Brandon  Never heard of having a temple tailgater before, but it was a beautiful night for it.IMG_3271.jpg




Elder Whitehead and I spent Saturday evening with Elder and Sister Greenburgs to thank them for being great zone assistants.IMG_3299.jpg

The other senior missionaries have been a huge part of our mission — which surprised us.  We really have enjoyed getting to know them all.

Talk about enjoying people — we attended Wailoku ward today, where Elder Whitehead taught the YSA Sunday School class, of course.  We loved seeing our good friends there. We have learned so much from them!  We will bless their names forever.  The picture below was the whole RS today. Sister Edmunds is assigned there, Sister Olsen (next to me in pink) was also visiting today.IMG_3302.jpg

Sister Waisu, standing on my other side, is so humble.  When we broke into groups to discuss the RS lesson, she practically whispered her comment, and did so in Fijian.  Marica (in bright orange) interpreted for me.  She said that when she faced a huge problem at home with family members, and it made her angry.  Her husband, who is not a member of the Church, told her to not be afraid but to have courage, and remember what she was being taught at church.  What a sweet reminder to us all of how we can be an influence for good.  And, what a blessing the gospel can be.

We have two more weeks to be an influence of any kind with our YSAs (makes me cry just to type that). We hope to be an influence for good in someone’s life before we leave.




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