October 10 – 16

Our camera broke last week. The cord to our lap top charger is wearing out, and my iPad cover has disintegrated. Must be a sign – we are close to going home.

We had a good week at the institute anyway. Our classes went well, and we hosted some fun  visa waiters from Kiritbati.  Obtaining a visa sure is a challenging process.  Prospective missionaries must come to Suva from their islands (three day boat ride for some), then wait days for an appointment in the Embassy, then wait for a boat back home.  Sometimes it takes more than one trip.

Elder Whitehead helped Vicky prepare a sacrament meeting talk, them coached him as he practiced speaking it in English.  This was his second talk, and wow, has he ever improved!  Here he is with Tetika, Elder Whitehead, and another new convert, James.IMG_3012.jpg

See those ties? I’m going to remember this picture when the wind blows in Cheyenne. What do you know, it blows other places, too — even in Fiji:)


Elenoa has been part of my mission preparation class. She is preparing to serve a mission in Australia, and has been a joy to teach.

We have also enjoyed getting to know some of the people who sell things on the street. This is our fried pea lady.  Fried peas are a favorite snack here.IMG_2969.jpg

IMG_2993.jpgAnd this is the young man we see in the parking lot of Cost U Less every week selling rugs made by his mother. We wanted to replace the bright black and orange rug in our guest bedroom, but every time he asked us if we wanted to buy a rug, the ones he offered were colors like the one we had. Finally one day I explained why we weren’t buying them: we needed a solid blue rug. The next time we saw him, he showed me a solid blue rug made by his mother. What a salesman! We bought it, and it looks great in our flat.   See the Golden arches in the background?  There are three McDonalds restaurants in all of Fiji, and two are here in Suva.  Lucky for us.

IMG_2960.jpgIn spite of the fact that this is centipede season (Elder Whitehead’s record is vacuuming up 30 in one morning from the institute’s carpeted floor!)…this is such a beautiful time of year! Flowers are everywhere. You’d think flower girls were walking down each street because the sidewalks are strewn with beautiful flower petals. We do live in paradise!

This was our last week of cleaning in the temple.  It was a special experience to climb down a ladder to the area below the baptismal font and clean the twelve oxen holding up the font, similar to the oxen bearing up the molten (brazen) sea in the Temple of Solomon.   We look forward to the temple reopening next week, and once again feeling warmth and peace in that holy place.







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