September 26 – October 2


IMG_2951.jpgWe sure had fun with visitors this week. Nine future missionaries (one not in the picture), were here in Suva to apply for visas, and spent some time at the institute. They were from Tahiti, Tonga, and the cities of Savusavu and Lobasa on the Fijian island of Vanua Levu, which was heavily damaged by cyclone Winston. Their English was limited, but it really was interesting to get to know them. They even helped bake! They attended both of our classes, and it was great to have them there.

We also had a surprise visit from Jasmine, who was a volunteer with a humanitarian group when we first came to Fiji. She was such a faithful member of the institute crew, we really missed her and the other U.S. girls when they left. Truth be known, she didn’t actually come all the way back here to see us — she and Sean are “long distance” dating.


IMG_2955.jpgWe said some sad goodbyes this week. Elder and Sister Martin went home due to health issues. We learned much from them, and will miss them! They refuse to take credit, but we know they put in countless hours coaching those who served on committees for the open house and cultural event before the temple re-dedication, and know it would not have been the same without them.


IMG_2966.jpgWe made our last trip to buy popcorn, too. Our wonderful Indian vendor, Joti, has been such a treat to get to know. She loved to give us generous samples of her spices, telling me how to cook with them and letting me smell or taste them. She and her daughter were always so kind to us.

This was the first time I ever saw octopus for sale on the street, and figured that, and the crab and lobster, were picture worthy. Somehow they just don’t look the same when you see them on a plate at Red Lobster!



Work is also being done on our home in Wyoming in preparation for our return, which makes it feel like it’s really going to happen. I cried just saying goodbye to our popcorn lady! I hate to even think about what will happen when we say goodbye to the young single adults who have come to mean so much to us! Tonight we will attend a Self-Reliance graduation, and I will just have to start giving them all extra big hugs so they’ll all know how much they are loved by the time we go.


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