September 12 – 18

IMG_2849.jpgRachael helped prepare a bride for her wedding by painting mehndi on the bride’s hands with henna. Some of the henna got on Rachael’s hands, and the tradition is that when that happens you have to paint your hands, too. Such an intricate, beautiful design! Another tradition is that if the henna goes dark, the marriage will be a long and loving one.

IMG_2858.jpgTomasi asked me to type out a fireside program in Fijian. That was a first for me! The program included the words to hymns, and it was a little bit of a trick deciding if groups of letters were separated syllables or a different word, but Tomasi proof read it and only had to make a few corrections. Wananavu!



We enjoyed meeting Shinvani, who just finished serving a temple square mission in Salt Lake City.  It was fun to see  her greet old friends. She joined us performing baptisms at the temple, too. We look forward to getting to know her better.

Speaking of missions, Jeanette received her mission call! She will serve in Kobe, Japan, and is SO excited! We are happy that she will be here with us until we go. She will report to the Provo MTC Dec 7. James Sharma also received his call: Australia, Brisbane mission, and will report to the MTC in Dec.


We visited the Nacinu 2nd ward today, and were surprised to see one of our YSAs, Elder James Johansson! He entered the mission field back in April, but has been serving here these five months while he waited to receive his visa to the U.S. The ward sang “God Be With You” at the close of our meeting (I love that tradition!). He will be leaving for Las Vegas this Friday.  What a culture shock that will be for him…but a blessing to the people he will serve.


We were introduced in the Nacinu YSA Sunday School class and then (as it has happened in other wards) were invited to teach the class because they had no teacher.

We team taught and it worked out fine. I just happened to read some scriptures early this morning that went with the lesson, so that made it easy. Sure would be great to see these wonderful YSAs being taught each week by a teacher they could depend upon, though. There are some strong young adults in their group – I’m sure they could have led a discussion by themselves if we hadn’t come. I’m impressed by their strength.

We ended the evening watching the re-broadcast of Elder Quentin L. Cook’s World Wide YSA Devotional.  Our days are full of ups and downs, but days like today make up for it.  We’re thankful to be here:)







One thought on “September 12 – 18

  1. My mom sent me this and it’s been so great to read your blog about your mission. My husband gets a kick out of reading it – and every now and then will see a picture of someone that he knows. I don’t know if you know this – but you’re serving in the area where he grew up! He’s had fun seeing some of his old stomping grounds as you guys are exploring them for the first time.
    Would love to hear from you guys 🙂
    JaiCi Cochran


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