August 29 – September 4

IMG_2793.jpgAre you sitting down?  Sumeet received his mission call to…Leeds, England!  What a shocker!  With most of the missionaries from Fiji being called to serve in the Philippines, we thought for sure that would be where he would go.  He is so excited!  We have learned there is a large Hindi speaking population there, so this will be a perfect fit for him and a blessing to those of Indian descent who are ready to hear the gospel.

IMG_2794.jpgIt was another busy week helping students apply for BYU-Hawaii, enroll in classes we teach, or just taking the time to encourage them as they came in between work and other activities.  We love to know they are busy.  Tetika has been busy with a new attachment (internship) and translating materials into Gilbertese for the Area Presidency, so we were happy he had a minute to stop by.

We also are happy when YSAs volunteer to bake!  We all love to have refreshments after class, but it’s even more fun when they are made and served by our YSAs.  They are the best!IMG_2795.jpg

Bro. Stanford invited some of his Super Kids to his class Thursday night.  We had a great discussion about Ephesians 4 and the church being being built upon the foundation of apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone.  Getting everybody home was a trick, so some rode in style in the back of Bro Stanford’s pick up truck.IMG_2796.jpg

Today is Father’s Day (again!).  Elder Whitehead really lucks out: he’s had four Father’s Days since we left home.  Rachael was sweet and brought him a cake to celebrate.  It is a tradition for a child to feed the father/grandfather a bite, so we had that little ceremony and then cut it up and shared it with everyone there. Then when we attended the Naulu ward today, he was given a cute paper tie.  What more could a father ask for?!  It’s great to be a father in Fiji:)IMG_2798.jpg


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