August 8 – 14 Olympic gold!


IMG_2713.jpgThe whole country is celebrating an Olympic win in rugby! Schools closed, business stopped and everyone watched the Fijian Sevens win gold. Cheers erupted from nearby homes, people poured into the streets, horns honked, and fireworks were set off right in the middle of the day, continuing into the night. Fijian flags are everywhere — on cars or carried or worn by a very happy people.  It is the first ever Olympic gold medal for the country of Fiji, earned by winning the first Olympic Rugby Sevens competition in history. (Rugby union was played at the 1924 summer Olympics.  Sevens has different rules.)IMG_2712.jpg

Add in the start of the annual Hibiscus Festival with a King and Queen, and the magnitude of celebration around here is off the charts (so is the traffic).  But it’s a great time to be in Fiji!

We had some things to celebrate at the institute as well. We finished off another great semester with even more course completions than last semester. In fact, while all the Olympic hoopla was going on around us, we were in our little office counting make-ups and sending in reports. Now it’s done. We are so proud of our students!  The best part is when we hear that something they learned in class helped them make a right choice, or anytime they applied a principle of the gospel and they felt Heavenly Father’s love.   The four future missionaries below can’t wait to share that message.  We love to hear their testimonies. IMG_2698.jpgIMG_2701.jpgIMG_2706.jpg

IMG_2708.jpgWe also celebrated Rachel’s birthday. What a great week!

Sunday we held our senior couple Family Home evening at the mission home, and were pleased to meet Elder and Sister Callister, who will serve in Lautoka as Seminary and Institute missionaries.

Instead of having a speaker for our Family Home Evening, two couples from our group shared miracles and tender mercies they have experienced here as missionaries.  We certainly are not alone, and are grateful kind heavenly help.  This day, and always.


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