August 1 – 7

We finally said goodbye to Veta.  Singing “God Be With You” and seeing him go out the door with friends to be set apart was an emotional experience.  He and his friends came back after the setting apart so he could attend one last class taught by Elder Whitehead.  What a joy it has been to get to know that young man.  We are thankful he will be serving in Fiji because that means it may be possible for us to see him again before we go home.


One day we heard an eruption of hellos in the lounge area — another young man the students at the institute all know is serving a mission now in Fiji, and was sent to the institute to pick up some teaching materials.  It was heartwarming to see the big bear hugs during that reunion of friends.IMG_2667.jpg

And now we have one more missionary picture to put up on our board:  Brandon received his call to serve in the Philippines! Yay!  As you can see on the map, most missionaries from Fiji serve there. Elder Whitehead and the rest of the returned missionaries who also served there have been helping him learn some words.  There are many dialects, but fortunately there is some common vocabulary.IMG_2673.jpg

We are coming to the end of another semester.  Just one last week to go, so we are seeing lots of make-up work and Elevated Learning assessment questions being answered so students can receive credit.  We are so proud of these guys!2016-07-28 12.01.18.jpg

This week we celebrated Tomasi’s 21 birthday,IMG_2687.jpg

…and had the wonderful experience of witnessing five special baptisms — all in one night!  They called it the “Big Baptism Day.”  It was a big day, a sacred, special day in the lives of those who chose to enter into the waters of baptism.  It was so neat to see a whole row of people wearing white. For us, it was the perfect way to end another awesome week in Fiji.

One thought on “August 1 – 7

  1. I can only imagine how excited your students were that Fiji won the gold in ruby this week 🙂

    Tell Elder Whitehead Ryan and I were touched he remembered it would be Nixon’s birthday around this time. I can’t believe he’s two. When you guys left on your mission, I knew he’d be eighteen months old when you got home but I also couldn’t picture him being that much older – and yet it’s happening! I know Elder Whitehead asks Steve how Nixon is doing – just tell him, he’s doing awesome.

    I love this blog. I’m glad you’ve gotten to keep it and share it so we all know what you’re up to.


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