June 13 – 19 Father’s Day in Fiji

IMG_2362.jpgThis was a great week. James, Mia and Lini said they wanted to bake, I gave them the ingredients, instructions, and left the kitchen.  Going in for a drink of water, Elder Whitehead told me he noticed that things didn’t look quite right.  That was because somehow 1/2 cup of milk was translated to mean 4 in the mixture for No-Bake chocolate cookies.  We strained off the extra (everyone loved the chocolate milk), and they successfully finished making refreshments for our class.  Yum.  Maybe we’ll do it that way on purpose next time!

IMG_2364.jpgWe taught out normal Pearl of Great Price and Missionary Preparation lessons this week, and attended Bro. Stanford’s Doctrines and Teachings of the Book of Mormon.  We are learning tons!  We all said goodbye to Manny again — oh, how we will miss him!  He is on his way now to Provo to learn Gilbertese.

Wednesday we tried to help William with his mission papers, and hit a glitch.  No matter how many people we asked to help, it couldn’t be fixed.  He had a great attitude though, saying the opposition he faced was just steeling his resolve to serve:)IMG_2376.jpg

Saturday I attended a Relief Society Retreat at the stake center.  I had a wonderful time learning about the Self Reliance program and how families can use it instead of relying on “kerekere”(begging / borrowing, relying on someone else).  I heard that the Self Reliance program is coming soon to the U.S., too.  I enjoyed visiting with sisters as we ate bakau (scones) and didn’t realize until I was on my way home that I hadn’t taken any pictures.  That has happened several times lately, and I think that’s because it feels so normal to be here.  We arrived in Fiji one year ago today.

IMG_2377 (1).jpgWe discovered where our old ping pong table ended up: at the LDS Primary school (a.k.a. the Samabula chapel), where these guys get up as early as 5am in order to play before school starts!  They sure love to play.  I took them some poppy seed bread, which they only allowed themselves to eat as a reward when they won a point. (You have to keep your priorities straight and focus, even in ping pong).


IMG_2379 (1).jpgIt won’t be Father’s Day here until September, but we celebrated nonetheless.  Sister Knight made these darling little envelopes holding Big Hunk candy bars to give our husbands, and I made our traditional apple pie to share.  It is one thing I make here that tastes exactly the same as it does at home, and that makes Elder Whitehead happy.   We decided to visit the Wailoku ward, and discovered that had we not come, the YSAs would not have had a class.  Little things like that help to make us happy to be here.  As we stood on the temple steps Friday night and looked out at the beauty surrounding us, we couldn’t have been more content. We feel so blessed to serve and learn and grow here.  This mission is performing miracles in our lives.


2 thoughts on “June 13 – 19 Father’s Day in Fiji

  1. What an amazing experience you are having there?!?! How long do you get to stay? Thanks for the postcard, it was wonderful to hear from you and what you are up to. Love to you all!


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