May 23 – June 5 Something to cheer about

One day I heard lots of hollering, gasps and cheers coming from the lounge area of the institute. When I asked what all the hoopla was about, and it was the Golden State Warrior’s basketball game! Who would have thought that clear over here in Fiji young men raised on rugby would care about the Warriors –- but they sure do. They are also very interested in our presidential election, and ask about it all the time.  It is surprising how far our influence extends.IMG_2283.jpg

IMG_2281.jpgThis week Rachel and Brandon volunteered to defrost our little office refrigerator freezer and did a great job.

Another group took over making refreshments for class. Who said too many cooks spoil the broth?  The cookies were great.  I love it when the YSAs offer to bake -– and they love doing it, too.

IMG_2284.jpgWe were also excited to have the old broken ping pong table replaced with a very good quality new one – paddles, balls and all. Everyone loves it!IMG_2285.jpgIMG_2287.jpg

A large number of our YSAs are applying to go to school at BYU-Hawaii, so our front classroom has kind of turned into an online application center. We will miss them, but are happy to see them receive more education.

Friday was another important day. We met with Pres Varea, Pres Bhan of the Suva North stake, and Bro Sefeti to talk about the way forward as they organize multi-stake activities and as we coordinate together through an Institute Advisory Council. There is a lot more work to do, but we are making baby steps. The theme for last week’s fireside to kick off the coordination of multi-stake activities was “What Seek Ye?” Jesus asked that of John’s disciples who heard Jesus speak and then began to follow Him. We need to find out what those who are in our stewardship seek in life, and help them turn to follow Christ.

IMG_2294.jpgWe were asked to do some training at a Suva North stake YSA fireside and dance. To try to include the YSAs who live forty minutes away in Navua, the stake rented busses, and the event was held in Navua.  Because of bridge construction, the trip to Nauvua took much longer than usual. We arrived before the busses, so enjoyed a gorgeous sunset.  It was a great evening. Everyone participated in our presentations, and we both felt the Spirit.  I think part of that was a reward for the sacrifice of so many to make the effort to support the few in Navua.

Saturday we used our preparation day to hike Mount Korobaba, elevation 1,384 feet.  It was very steep and slippery root and rock covered hillside, but oh, was the view at the top worth it!  From the pinnacle we could see a sliver of Kadavu island 55 miles away, and two other closer islands. Bro Qima was our guide, and we sure couldn’t have done it without him. There’s a gospel analogy in that, too, isn’t there?  It was a great way to end the week.unnamed.jpg









2 thoughts on “May 23 – June 5 Something to cheer about

  1. Hey friends
    Our son in law is from Suva Fiji. His name is Iraz Razak. His moms name was Esiteri meta. So happy for you bring in that lovely place
    You are always an example to everyone

    Jodi COCHRAN


    1. Well hey back at you! It’s so good to hear from you. I will ask about Sister Meta, and see if anyone knows Iraz. It is definitely a small world here!
      You are the one who is an example to me. I think of you every time I look at your little quilt. Please tell your family all hello!
      Big hugs,
      L’Or L.


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