May 23 – 29 YSA activities are on the way

IT FINALLY HAPPENED!  Friday night Elder Johansson held a YSA fireside to announce how multi-stake YSA activities will be organized in this area.  Now activities will be coordinated, planned and budgeted under the direction of priesthood leaders.  By the end of the meeting 120 young single adults were in attendance.  It was a great evening, and we have great hopes now for the future.IMG_2243.jpg

The YSAs were even treated to a curry chicken and rice dinner to top off the evening.IMG_2252.jpgIMG_2247.jpgIMG_2251.jpgIMG_2245.jpgIMG_2249.jpgIMG_2248.jpg

We look forward to supporting Pres Varea, who has accepted the assignment to coordinate and organize the multi-stake YSA activities.  An LDS Student Association and Institute Advisory Council were even discussed.  We hope to see them created.

Meanwhile, we are doing our best to do what we were sent here to do, and provide institute classes worth our YSAs time!. We have really appreciated Elder Oldham for substitute teaching Bro. Stanford’s class this month, and for all the technical training he has given us.  The Stanfords went home to Canada for their son’s wedding.IMG_2240.jpg

Going up to the LDS Church College this morning to attend Tamavua 2nd ward brought back so many memories.  It is such a beautiful campus! We loved being able to say hello to our first Fijian friends.  In Sunday School we talked about doing things for the right reason and as we are led by the Spirit (instead of just filling a square).  That’s when miracles happen — I know that is true.IMG_2258.jpg

After church we delivered a birthday cake to Tetika’s twelve year old sister, Mokura.  IMG_2259.jpg

And in return, they sent us home with this gigantic pacific lobster!IMG_2262.jpg

Now that’s a trade!  We wouldn’t trade this mission experience for anything:)


2 thoughts on “May 23 – 29 YSA activities are on the way

  1. Hello Elder and Sister Whitehead. We got your card today so I’ve been checking out your website. What a wonderful mission you are having! We are doing fine. We will keep you in our prayers. Kirk Davies


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