May 9 – 15 Baking 101

Kamalu (Bernie) helped bake cookies this week, using an electric mixer for the first time in her life.  She did a great job, and it was fun to talk while we worked.  She is in my Missionary Preparation class.IMG_2206.jpg

Sumeet just submitted his mission papers!  We are so excited for him, and can’t wait to find out where he will go.  He helped me in the kitchen as I made Grandma Whitehead’s recipe for caramel corn.  They love the peanuts in it:)IMG_2209.jpg

We did do more than make treats this week.  In fact, this week brought some special memories — things we didn’t take pictures of, but experiences we will treasure.

When we performed baptisms for the dead in the temple on Wednesday, a handicapped young man named Tomasi wanted to take a turn being the one to baptize.  Although disabled on his right side, he was able to perform the ordinance.  With his strong left arm he completely immersed and brought back up from the water a young man who is a lot larger than he is.  Tomasi was so happy he grinned from ear to ear — and we fought back the tears.

Five newly called missionaries from Tonga and Kiritibati who are waiting for their visas attended my Missionary Preparation class this week.  The young man from Kiritibati spoke very little English, and referred often during class to his well worn copy of the Book of Mormon written in Gilbertese.  But when he learned that Manny had a mission call to Kiritibati, he happily gave his Book of Mormon to Manny.  It was a kind gift, and a tender exchange to witness.

We loved attending the rebroadcast of Elder Mayne’s World Wide Devotional tonight with the young adults in Suva stake, and then driving over to visit with those who had watched it in the Suva North stake.  Not only is this a beautiful place…IMG_2215.jpg

…it is filled with beautiful people!  We count our blessings to be here!

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