April 25 – May 1 A great semester break

Whew! We made it through semester’s end, hopefully giving all credit where credit was due.  The number of students with 75% – 100% attendance increased this semester, and we were pleasantly surprised by the student’s response to the new elevated Learning experience.  There’s no doubt they will benefit from it.   Now that’s over, and we start a new semester on Tuesday.

Between all the make-up work collecting and attendance counting, we sure had fun with our son Collin, his wife Joy, and their daughter Mila.  What a treat to have them come visit us!  Because the institute was closed for semester break, we left Suva Monday morning for Leleuvia.  What a little island paradise!  The resort has recovered from damage caused by cyclone Winston, and we had a wonderful time snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, and just plain relaxing. IMG_2106.jpgIMG_2138.jpg Three of us took a boat out to the coral barrier reef and saw a shark, large turtle, gorgeous coral, and some incredible fish!  Later, Elder Whitehead and Collin even opened a couple of coconuts for us. IMG_2143.jpgIMG_2140.jpg

We saw brilliant parrots. IMG_2102.jpgIMG_2103.jpgPandanas fruit grows on the island, which attracts fruit bats — but they were actually also interesting to see.

Wednesday we came back to Suva, and Craig, Collin and Joy met with some young single adults to perform baptisms at the temple.  Mila and I joined them when she woke up from her nap, and we all enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere of the temple.IMG_2150.jpg

Thursday we drove to the wonderful Warwick resort. Mila loved playing in the pool and making friends with other children there.  Our Japanese teppanyaki dinner that night was as entertaining as it was delicious.  IMG_2156.jpgFriday was another day of pure fun and relaxation — well, except for when a black and white Banded Sea Krait (20 times more venomous than any land snake) decided to come join us on the beach.  Even though they only bite if they are provoked, we decided he could have all the room he wanted, and went back to the pool.  Friday the hotel provided a lovo dinner.  Mila danced right along when a meke was performed (star of the show), and Collin, Joy and I were honored to receive fragrant Isa Leis.IMG_2174.jpg

It was a beautiful drive home Saturday, and a nice evening together at our flat.  IMG_2180.jpg

Sunday night Collin, Joy, and Mila started home. Wish we could have sent some of these gorgeous flowers home with them.IMG_2188.jpgIt was SO hard to say goodbye!  Oh, how we will miss them.  We’ll just have to work as hard as we can, stay busy, and look forward to seeing them all again after the (hopefully) successful completion of our mission.  Until then, we sure have a lot of work to do!



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