April 18 – 24 Love notes in Fiji

As we left the institute Tuesday night, Tetika asked if we had our camera.  I said yes, and wondered why, until we walked down the steps and saw our car covered with love notes!  IMG_2020.jpg

When Elder Whitehead plays games at the institute with the young men, they tease him about his age.  If they win, it’s because Elder Whitehead’s age is catching up with him.  If they lose, it’s only because they are showing respect for their elders.  So when we saw this note among the others on our car, we burst out laughing:IMG_2026.jpg

It was a busy week encouraging students to complete the courses, collecting make-up work and submitting attendance records, but it was still fun.  We loved spending time with some familiar faces,IMG_2018.jpgIMG_2017.jpg







and we welcomed some new:  Look who came to visit us in Fiji!IMG_2027.jpg

Our son Collin, his wife Joy, and 17 month old daughter Mila!  Because of the semester break, the institute will be closed this week, and we will have fun with family.   We started by introducing them to some of our wonderful YSAs.  Mila and I practiced a little piano and the guys played some not-so-serious pool with Collin.IMG_2032.jpgIMG_2033.jpg

Tetika treated us to a delicious yellow fin tuna someone brought him from Kiritibati. YUM!IMG_2071.jpg

We had loads of fun downtown…IMG_2055.jpgIMG_2042.jpg

but the highlight of the week was having Craig ordain Collin to the office of High Priest.  He has been called to serve on the High Council in San Francisco.IMG_2091.jpg


Two good looking men in sulus!

Before Suva North stake conference this morning, we just happened to meet Elder David Thomson, the visiting authority from New Zealand.  Collin told him how Elder Whitehead was going to ordain him after the meeting.  As Elder Thomson spoke during conference about the importance of fathers,  he mentioned that Collin could have chosen someone at home to ordain him, but instead he came to his father. It was very touching!  He encouraged all fathers to be worthy to bless the lives of their children.

Tonight we spoke at a YSA fireside with Elder Thomson, and Pres. and Sis. Qaqa.  Mila was the center of attention once again, and loved it.

What a week! As it comes to an end, our prayers are with all the Samoans who prayed for us during Winston…but who are now in the path of another cyclone.  We hope for the best!





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