April 4 – 10 Close call with a cyclone

Hooray we missed another cyclone!  Zena looked like it was going to be enough of a threat that the government imposed a 6pm curfew Wednesday night, and school was cancelled Fiji-wide.  Fortunately, we were able to just barely finish our baptisms for the dead before a member of the temple presidency came in and told us about the curfew and that the temple needed to close.

One thing we have come to love is seeing the YSAs come in to the institute after attending a session at the temple.  We are all so thankful the temple is open!IMG_1986.jpg

Peni and Lorani after a session.

Mikasi and Thomasi chowing down on something to eat after their temple session:IMG_1987.jpg

Top Ramen noodles are called Chow here, and come in all different kinds of flavors like tomato, curry, or chili.  Other brands like Maggi are also popular.

And guess who else came in this week?  Our favorite invalid, Lario!  He was nice enough to let Elder Whitehead try out his crutches.IMG_1983.jpg

He tried a turn at pool with Emosi and Robert, but it was a little hard to keep his balance.IMG_1984.jpg

Manny, on the other hand, decided that the best way to stay balanced and still get a good shot was this technique:IMG_1991.jpg

This week we saw hair being cut, and were treated to more music…IMG_1988.jpg

But the big news was we got a new oven!!! Now we can bake more than a couple of cookies at a time, and the oven won’t turn itself off in the middle of a loaf of bread:)IMG_1989.jpg

IMG_1990.jpgWe are pretty excited about that!

We were also excited about finally being able to listen to General Conference.
We wanted to just:IMG_1982.jpg

(press forward and watch it) but having the live stream buffer about every five words was distracting and discouraging.  So we waited, downloaded, and thoroughly enjoyed it all.  What a heavenly gift and spiritual lift!  This weekend’s stake conference was also inspirational.  Our stake president pleaded with fathers to not drink Kava, and compared the culture here of men spending the night doing so to some of the false traditions of the Lamanite fathers in the Book of Mormon.  Keeping the Sabbath day holy was our theme.

Next weekend, our stake will finally view the rebroadcast of General Conference together at our stake center.  Such patience!  But for those without the internet, this is their only option.

Tonight will be our senior missionary FHE at the mission home, and after dinner the temple president and his wife will speak.

For us, the whole week has been a spiritual feast:)




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