February 15 – 21 Crunch!

IMG_1785.jpgWe’ll never forget this week!  We started it off with a car accident.  Do you know what happens to a bunch of guys who race to work on a rainy morning in a car driven by a guy with only a learner’s permit who is going so fast he can’t negotiate a turn?  They get to MEET THE MORMONS!  Our car is now in the shop, and now because of the cyclone, it probably will be for a very long time. We were on our way to an ATM to get cash for another senior couple.  About six couples here have had their cards compromised and usage blocked.  Elder Whitehead’s card included – but mine works.

Cyclone Winston suddenly turned and missed Suva, but got close enough to cause a lot of damage.  We don’t have power, and we are told it may be a month before it is restored because it is Fiji-wide.

IMG_1849.jpgSo this will be a short blog!

In the middle of it all, President Eyring and Elder Cook came and rededicated the Suva Fiji temple.  The first time that temple was dedicated, there was a coup.  This time a cyclone.  It seems to me that this is just the adversary’s opposition to a very good thing.



Pres Eyring and Elder Cook  met with the missionaries on the Saturday before the cyclone hit, and it was wonderful.  It was fun to see the whole mission together, even though everyone was worried about the weather.  We love to see how the missionaries get matching outfits.IMG_1812.jpg

The cultural celebration was held inside instead of the outdoor stadium, started early and cut short so we could all go home before the roads were closed.  The Vodophone arena had been scheduled as a back up from the very beginning — what a blessing.  We were thinking it was only in case it rained!  This is where all the dancers had practiced, so it was actually easier for them anyway.IMG_1826.jpgIMG_1837.jpg

I’m losing battery, so will have to write more later.  We don’t have power, hot water, internet service or a car, but we are ok.  Now we will see what we can do at the institute — we won’t be able to hold classes after dark.  What an adventure!






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