February 8 – 14

Happy Valentine’s Day!

How many valentines can you make in a week? Seemed like about a ba-zillion, and all out of one box of paper, too! Our daughter gave us a box of cute scrap book papers, and the YSAs had a great time using them to make valentines for each other. We googled sentiments for those who needed help with the messages inside, and one even used google-translate so he could put a message into a young lady’s mother tongue.  Valentine’s Day is not as big here as it is in the U.S., but they still all enjoyed the week expressing love and appreciation.


We even emailed some Valentine wishes to some of our missionaries, along with these pictures pointing to photos of those missionaries on our board.IMG_1737 (1).jpg

IMG_1743.jpgTwo new senior missionary couples have joined our Twilight Zone: Elder and Sister Anderson, and Elder and Sister Olsen. Both will serve in the temple as counselors/assistant matrons to Pres. and Sister Yee. It was nice to get to know them a little better Friday night over dinner. Afterwards, we stopped by both stake Valentine Dances. It seemed a shame the two dances weren’t combined, but the YSAs had fun anyway!IMG_1746.jpgIMG_1744.jpg


IMG_1741.jpgWe thought that with all the practices for the Cultural Celebration to be held this Saturday, attendance would be down in our classes. Instead, we have had record numbers everyday. One day, Elder Whitehead heard talking under his window. Finally he walked outside to see who it was – and found Bale and Golden, having a nice chat. They said it was too crowded inside, and they were right!

We are bulging at the seams with more YSAs coming every day. The numbers of missionaries coming for meetings or to play on their preparation days have even increased to the point that they’ve conflicted with our YSA’s use of the building, so now the missionaries will meet in another place. We will miss seeing the missionaries.

Saturday was our movie night, and to try and keep the good feelings from the temple open house going, we showed “The Testaments.” We also had fun decorating Valentine cookies. In fact, after the movie, with about 60 YSAs there, we had something going in every room of the Institute. We loved hearing the singing around the piano, the screams of those playing around-the-world ping pong, billiards, table games, and everything else…but our neighbor did not. This is not the first time the neighbors have complained, so we will meet our coordinator Monday morning to decide what to do about it. We totally understand where the neighbors are coming from – we are a happy, but very noisy bunch, and the Institute is right between two homes. Hope we can resolve the problem.IMG_1772 (1).jpgIMG_1775 (1).jpg

Sunday night Elder Whitehead and I were in charge of our senior missionary FHE at the mission home. Each couple picked from the attributes of Christ mentioned in Preach My Gospel or principles from The Family: Proclamation to the World, then shared what they would say in a heart-to-heart conversation with their children or grandchildren to help them understand how that attribute or principle could help make a marriage happier. The premise for the discussion was Elder Bednar’s talk about husbands and wives coming closer to each other (and thereby happier) as they came closer to Christ. The treat, of course, was a cookie and a (candy)kiss, in honor of Pres. Boyd K. Packer’s story about his wife Donna.  It was a sweet way to end the day.IMG_1771.jpg






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